I'm Alexia

About Lexfit By Alexia Dambach

LexFit by Alexia was founded by Alexia Dambach during her Freshman year of college. College meant leaving her home state of Georgia and moving to South Carolina, where she cheered on her beloved Gamecocks. It was in South Carolina that Alexia did some soul-searching to find what her passion was. The two things discovered were starting her own business and the love of health and fitness. In combining both passions, it was also rediscovered that helping others is one of the most fulfilling acts in this life. This reason is why we decided to give back with each purchase and create a community together.

With the help of friends and family, the dreams are now coming to life. What started with just a few rough sketches and fabric samples, this creative and personalized collection of clothing came to life and we are excited to share it. Creating clothing to empower other women to believe that they too can be strong, confident, and use fitness as a driver to get through this game of life, while helping people at the same time started to come to life.

That is why we are here today. Every customer should be just as comfortable in their own skin as well as in an outfit that makes them feel their best while wanting to do their best. We thank you for shopping with us and stopping by the site. We hope you will sign up to follow us along this journey. It is just the beginning, but welcome to our active world.